WANGDA showcases (Tianjin Wangda Displaying Tools Co.,Ltd.) is a China-based designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-security,high-end,high-standard museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets/vitrines/vitrinen for worldwide museums,libraries,art galleries,archives,memorial halls etc. Wangda Showcases professionally customize optimized and cost-effective turnkey solutions for museum protection,conservation,display and exhibition.

Much different from commercial display cases built by common single layer of tempered glass and timber structure just for simple commercial display and storage, museum grade display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines constructed with dedicated optiwhite(ultra clear glass with low iron content) or anti-reflective laminated safety glass as well as structural steel & special aluminum extrusions specially for museums conservation and exhibition work as an integrated and smart systems to ideally preserve, conserve and present priceless and irreproducible ancient and contemporary culture heritage such as  artifacts,art works,antiques and so on. For custom-building high-criteria museum Display Cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets/vitrines WANGDA SHOWCASES strictly selects inert and/or eco-friendly materials, adopts advanced technology of frameless all-glass display cases, equips protective & artistic lighting system and conservational microclimate systems.Display cases from Wangda Showcases are highlighted with all-direction transparent presentation with no any vision obstacles,high security meeting the highest international museum anti-bandit criteria, ideal conservation under inert internal environment and right microclimate,well seal at minimal air exchange rate as well as purified and dust-proof internal display volume,undistorted reveal due to high-transparent and low-reflective glass,theatric display effect by artistic lighting system.

Generally, wall display cases,freestanding display cases,table display cases are typical designs popular by museums but special display cases like modular display cases and irregular display cases are often tailored as required to meet particular exhibits and exhibitions as well as exhibition space. As a responsible and qualified manufacturer and supplier,Wangda Showcases has always taken preserving the past for the future as enterprise responsibility and historical mission.WANGDA SHOWCASES will continue to supply optimized,reliable but cost-competitive museum protection,conservation and exhibition solutions for worldwide museums,libraries,art galleries,archives,memorial halls,collectors and so on.

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