Visit by the National Museum of Myanmar

Wangda Showcases was visited by the supplier of National Museum of Myanmar.During 3 days' visiting,the professional crew had an inspection tour at our workshops and showrooms,and had a meeting for discussing the details about museum showcase project for the National Museum of Myanmar.The New National Museum is located at the capital of Myanmar. Myanmar has a long history with rich cultural heritage both tangible and intangible.The National Museum (Nay Pyi Taw) strives to reflect Myanmar¡¯s rich cultural heritage in an interesting manner.Permanent Collections are Stone, bronze, iron, gold and silver objects, ceramics, glass, wooden objects, lacquered objects, textiles and paper.

The total area of the museum is 35.52 acres. It consists of five buildings and a total floor area is 298865 sq.ft. The New National Museum construction was undertaken by the Department of Archaeology, the National Museum and Library. There are altogether 12 exhibition rooms in National Museum.

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