WANGDA SHOWCASES officially returned to work and resumed production after “New Corona Virus Storm”

After the strictest examination and all-round inspection by our government, WANGDA SHOWCASES already officially returned to work and have the production resumed after the dangerous peak of Corona Virus Pneumonia died away. We are lucky to announce that so far Jinghai District of Tianjin is zero-infection and staff of WANGDA SHOWCASES is zero-infection. To be responsible for all of our staff and for all of our clients, we will continue to strictly strengthen personal safegard and keep complete daily sterilization for everything and everywhere including each production facility, each showcase material, each package material, and each finished museum showcase and so on.

Here, on behalf of all the staff of WANGDA SHOWCASES, we express our deep condolences to all the lost lives because of the Corona Virus Pneumonia !

Here, on behalf of all the people who suffered the disaster, we express our sincere thanks for the selfless support, encouragement and help from all the friendly countries !

Here, on behalf of all the staff of WANGDA SHOWCASES, we express our firm determination to continue to keep our staff zero-infection and keep all of our supply competely free from any possible danger !

Here, on behalf of all the Chinese, we would like to loudly say that we Chinese are not Virus creaters and none real Chinese likes the disaster to occur, and Chinese are also the innocent sufferer !

Here, on behalf of all the Chinese, we express the full confidence of our country and our people to thoroughly defeat the evil Corona Virus, the common enemy of the human beings !

“Mankind is a community of destiny”, it’s our common mission and responsibility to well protect and inherit the cultural heritage of the human beings.It’s our pleasure that we are one of the important chains of the cultural heritage protection but we will never take it as a tool for taking unreasonable huge profit and it’s just our great honor to sharing our latest museum showcase technologies and services at reasonable cost with global museums.

WANGDA SHOWCASE, as a conscientious, responsible and qualified manufacturer of museum grade showcases|display cases|display cabinets, will continue our ambition to make our contribution to optimized protection,conservation and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage of all the countries by supplying worldwide museums with cost-competitive but high-standard museum display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets in line with the Germany quality and technical standards.


WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcase project for Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage

WANGDA SHOWCASES is awarded with the museum showcase contract for Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage to custom-build 61 no.s multi-function museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets.WANGDA SHOWCASES will custom-design and construct all the museum display cases in line with the highest international quality and technology levels.

Directly under the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Chinese, Academy of Cultural Heritage is a scientific and technological research institution for protecting cultural heritage. Its predecessor dates back to the “Administration Committee for Cultural Relics in Old Cities ” which was established in 1935 and then it was renamed “Beijing Cultural Relics Arrangement Committee” in 1949. It was the first professional organization of cultural relics protection organized and managed by the central government in New China.In 1973 it was renamed the “Institute of Science and Technology for the Protection of Cultural Relics”; and in 1990 it merged with the Ministry of Culture’s Ancient Documents Research Office to become the China Cultural Relics Research Institute.In August 2007 it was renamed the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage.

WANGDA SHOWCASES finished on-site installation of museum showcases for Tianjin Natural History Museum

As WANGDA SHOWCASES finished on-site installation of museum showcases for Tianjin Natural History Museum, the museum exhibiton is ready to open to the public during traditional Spring Festival of China. All the high-end museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets for Tianjin National History Museum are customized by WANGDA SHOWCASES.

Tianjin Natural History متحف is in Tianjin،الصين, and is located in No. 206 Machang Avenue, in the Hexi District. It was founded in 1914 as the Hoangho Paiho Museum. The museum has three floors and spans an area of 12,000 square meters. Over 380,000 geological and biological specimens are currently held at the museum.[1]

The museum was founded in 1914 by Émile Licent, and was called the Hoangho Paiho Museum.[2] For 25 years since the museum’s founding, Licent conducted explorations in the Yellow River Basin and the Haihe River Basin, with the full length of the exploration stretching 50,000 kilometers. During these explorations, Licent collected over 200,000 paleontology, animal, plant, ancient human, and rock specimens. The Hoangho Paiho Museum was eventually renamed the Northern Border Museum. After the People’s Republic of China was founded, the Northern Border Museum was hosted by Tianjin University, one of the largest multidisciplinary engineering universities in China. In June 1952, after the establishment of the Tianjin People’s Science Museum Preparatory Committee, the Tianjin People’s Science Museum was established, and was renamed to the Tianjin Nature Museum in 1957. In 1959, the museum’s exhibit’s were relocated to 272 Machang Road in the Hexi District. In August of 1968, the Tianjin Museum of History, the Tianjin Museum of Art, and the Tianjin Museum of Nature merged to form the Tianjin Museum. In January 1974, the Tianjin Museum was renamed the Tianjin Natural Museum. In 1997, the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and government invested 100 million yuan to renovate the museum, with the renovation being completed in 1998. In 2013, the museum once again was renovated, and opened in 2014, at a new site in the Tianjin Cultural Center.





WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcase project for new exhibition in Shaanxi History Museum

On the basis of high quality supply for last exhibition project, via publc tendering, WANGDA SHOWCASES currently won the public tender of museum showcase project for Shaanxi History Museum, to customize all the high-end museum display cases in line with Germany standards for the new exhibition themed Colored Pottery.China-Integration and Unit 5000 years ago.

متحف التاريخ في شنشى, which is located to the northwest of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in the ancient city شيان, in the شنشى province of الصين, is one of the first huge state museums with modern facilities in China and one of the largest. The museum houses over 370,000 items,[2] including murals, paintings, pottery, coins, as well as bronze, gold, and silver objects. The modern museum was built between 1983 and 2001 and its appearance recalls the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty.

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the tender of museum showcases for National Museum of China

Through public tendering, WANGDA SHOWCASES successfully won the museum showcase project for National museum of China, to custom-build large sizes of freestanding museum showcases for the new exhibition of fine chinaware of China. With anti-reflective glass as material, all the freestanding showcases are customized by WANGDA SHOWCASES in line with the Germany quality and technical standards.

The museum was established in 2003 [4] by the merging of the two separate museums that had occupied the same building since 1959: the Museum of the Chinese Revolution in the northern wing (originating in the Office of the National Museum of the Revolution founded in 1950 to preserve the legacy of the 1949 revolution) and the National Museum of Chinese History in the southern wing (with origins in both the Beijing National History Museum, founded in 1949, and the Preliminary Office of the National History Museum, founded in 1912, tasked to safeguard China’s larger historical legacy).

The building was completed in 1959 as one of the عشرة مباني كبيرة celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It complements the opposing Great Hall of the People that was built at the same time. The structure sits on 6.5 hectares (16 acres) and has a frontal length of 313 metres (1,027 ft), a height of four stories totaling 40 metres (130 ft), and a width of 149 metres (489 ft).[5] The front displays ten square pillars at its center.

WANGDA يعرض "الوجود في EXPONATEC كولونيا 2019

At the Exponatec Cologne 2019 in Germany-the leading professional museum fair in the world, WANGDA SHOWCASES received fruitful visits from worldwide museums and museum related companies.During such an important international museum fair for museums, conservation and heritage, the technology and quality level of museum showcases|museum display cases|museum display cabinets|vitrines from us acquired high praise by the visitors around the world and around 50 museums and/or museum-related companies had constructive talks with us for the possible cooperation for museum showcase projects in near future.Exponatec Cologne takes place every two years in Cologne and has firmly established itself as a practice and knowledge fair for suppliers and users in the industry. It is Europe’s leading trade fair and competence and dialogue platform for cultural services. From design and shaping on technology, conservation and restoration, to information management, accessibility, transport and logistics the exhibitor of Exponatec show all areas and aspects of museum and exhibition work.

فاز WANGDA يعرض مشروع متحف آخر من الدرجة الوطنية، والأكاديمية الصينية للتاريخ

تتشرف WANGDA تعرض للفوز بالمناقصة المتحف معرضا للمتحف وطنية من الدرجة مشروع الأكاديمية الصينية للتاريخ، لتخصيص كل ارتفاع في نهاية عرض الحالات متحف | اجهات المتحف | خزائن العرض المتحف | غوركي وفقا لأعلى المعايير الدولية للتكنولوجيا والفهارس الأداء.

الاكاديمية الصينية للتاريخ، كأعلى تنظيم مهني من الصين لدراسة التاريخ القديم للصين، تتعهد البحوث ذات الصلة في مجال التاريخ الصيني، ويعزز بناء التخصصات التاريخية والنظم الأكاديمية ونظم الخطاب ذات الخصائص الصينية، الإحداثيات وأدلة البحوث الوطنية التاريخية، ويعرض وينشر التاريخ والثقافة الصينية، وينظم التبادل الأكاديمي في الداخل والخارج.

يوم 3 يناير، تم تأسيس الأكاديمية الصينية للتاريخ التابع للأكاديمية الصينية للعلوم الاجتماعية في بكين. أرسلت الأمين العام للجنة المركزية للحزب الشيوعى الصينى، رئيس الدولة، ورئيس اللجنة العسكرية المركزية شي جين بينغ رسالة تهنئة، أعرب عن تهانيه الحارة نيابة عن اللجنة المركزية للحزب، وتحياته الصادقة لعدد كبير من العاملين في مجال البحوث التاريخية عبر الدوله.

وأشار شي جين بينغ في رسالة تهنئة بعث بها أن التاريخ هو مرآة، وأنه من الحكمة لمعرفة التاريخ. الالتفات الى التاريخ ودراسة التاريخ، والتعلم من التاريخ هو تقليد غرامة من تاريخ الأمة الصينية سنة 5000 من الحضارة. الصين المعاصرة هو استمرار وتنمية الصين التاريخية. في العهد الجديد، والتمسك وتطوير الاشتراكية ذات الخصائص الصينية يتطلب دراسة أكثر منهجية من التاريخ والثقافة الصينية. بل لعله أكثر من الضروري فهم عميق للقوانين التاريخية للتنمية البشرية واستخلاص الحكمة والمضي قدما نحو المستقبل في تفكير عميق للتاريخ.

فاز WANGDA يعرض الكثير العطاء الرابع من المعارض متحف للمتحف الجديد تشنغتشو الفن

WANGDA SHOWCASES is honored to win the fourth tender lot of museum showcases for Zhengzhou Art Museum, to continue the fantanstic museum showcase job for such a museum with the large construction area in China.