WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcase project for Cartier-hosted Fine Art Exhibition

WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcases project for Cartier-hosted Fine Art Exhibition.This June,Cartier,the worldwide renowned French jewelry brand will host a special art exhibition at Meridian Gate of Palace Museum,the most influential cultural institution in China.All the high-standard museum display cases are customized by Wangda Showcases.The exhibition themed “Beyond Boundary” will display over 830 pieces exquisite arts including priceless collections from Cartier as well as series of contributed work of arts from The Metropolitan Museum of Art,The National Gallery of Australia.

Museum Display Cases Installation for Confucius Museum in Nishan Holy Land

WANGDA SHOWCASES finished museum display cases installation for Confucius Museum in Nishan Holy Land,the hometown of Confucius,a great and influential ancient ideologist and philosopher in China.During the long term existence of Confucius thoughts over two thousands of years, around 700,000 cultural relics were left.


On-site Installation by Wangda Showcases for New Galleries for Hunan Museum

The experienced installation teams from WANGDA SHOWCASES started professional on-site installation for delivered museum grade display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for new galleries for Hunan Provincial Museum.



Through fierce competition among all the museum showcases suppliers in the world,in virtue of strong and competitive comprehensive strength,WANGDA SHOWCASES is finally awarded with the museum showcases contract for an important Egyptian Museum-Hurghada museum nearby Red Sea of Egypt,to design,supply and install all the customized museum grade display cases for priceless museum artifacts standing for fantastic ancient Egyptian civilization.This succeeded Egyptian museum project symbolizes WAGNDA SHOWCASES’s entry into the museums market in Middle East.

Wangye(Songshan Lake) museum

Through public tender procedure, Wangda Showcases is finally awarded with the museum showcases contract for Wangye(Songshan Lake)Museum located in Songshan Lake, a renowned park style of Hi-tech industry park in Dongguan of Guangdong, to design,supply and install all the museum grade display cases for this museum.

Chengde Qing Dynasty Culture Exhibition Hall and Chengde Museum

Wangda Showcases is awarded with the museum display cases contract for the museum complex consisting of Qing Dynasty Culture Exhibition Hall and Chengde Museum,to custom design, manufacture and install all the museum showcases which will come into service to protect and present the collected rare historical items from Qing Dynasty.

International Museum Day 2019

International Museum Day 2019

Each year since 1977, ICOM has organised International Museum Day, which represents a unique moment for the international museum community.International Museum Day 2019 will focus on the new roles of museums as active actors in their communities.

The role of museums in society is changing. Museums keep reinventing themselves in their quest for becoming more interactive, audience focused, community oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile. They have become cultural hubs functioning as platforms where creativity combines with knowledge and where visitors can also co-create, share and interact.

While preserving their primary missions – collecting, conservation, communication, research, exhibition – museums have transformed their practices to remain closer to the communities they serve. Today they look for innovative ways to tackle contemporary social issues and conflict. By acting locally, museums can also advocate and mitigate global problems, striving to meet the challenges of today’s society proactively. As institutions at the heart of society, museums have the power to establish dialogue between cultures, to build bridges for a peaceful world and to define a sustainable future.

The main conference center of International Museum Day in China is located at Hunan Provincial Museum and all the museum display cases for the important activity and exhibition are supplied by WANGDA SHOWCASES

Wangda Showcases Won Museum Showcases Project for Zhengzhou Art Museum

Through public tender invitation,tender submitting and technology negotiation, Wangda Showcases finally won the museum showcases project for Zhengzhou Art museum, to design,supply and install all the high-end museum grade showcases for all the galleries.Located at Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan province, the Zhengzhou Art Museum was established and open to the public in 1997, with lots of impressive exhibits related to art available in the museum.Besides the exhibition of the collected artworks, the Art Museum will organize occasional cultural and educational activities, and hold artistic lectures.