Museum Showcases Tender for Confucius Museum,Nishan Holy Land

Wangda Showcases won the project of high-end customized museum display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for Confucius Museum at the hometown of Confucius,an extraordinary philosopher and ideologist with ethical and philosophical influence on most of Chinese for over 2,500 years.In the world,there are lots of Confucius institutes but the Confucius museum is the first professional museum for all the valuable collections relevant to Confucius in the world.As one of leading members of Nishan Holy Land project,a world-class cultural tourism destination with overall investment at CNY10 billion(US$1.5 billion), the Confucius museum is aiming at protecting and inheriting the priceless Confucius culture heritage.


Wangda Showcases Won the Museum Display Case Project for Wakefield Museum,UK

The museum display case contract for Wakefield Museum from UK is awarded to WANGDA SHOWCASES for design,supply and installation of air-tight museum display cases for Egyptian collections related to Egyptian Mummy.

The Wakefield Museum Association was created in 1974 in UK to serve as custodian of the history of the community of Wakefield, Kansas, and the surrounding Republican River Valley communities. It serves as custodian of the history of the city of Wakefield and the surrounding area, to collect and display memorabilia of the communities, and to archive the genealogical records of the people who founded, lived in and or presently living in the communities. The Museum has over 6,000 square feet of displays and artifacts including Native American, African, veterans, families and their histories, sports, schools, churches, and businesses.

Miniclimate-controlled Museum Showcase Project for Yunnan Museum

After public bidding and fierce competition among the leading suppliers of high-end museum showcases,from Yuan Nan Provincial Museum,WANGDA SHOWCASES is finally awarded with the contract valued US$1,333,685.07 to supply and install all the high-standard museum showcases with purified,controllable and monitored micro climate within internal display space. over 400,000 pieces of historical artifact collections from archaeological excavations in Yuannan, as well as purchasing and donations from other sources,Yunnan Museum is a comprehensive provincial museum dedicating itself to showing the social, historical and cultural statuses of Yunnan systematically.

WANGDA SHOWCASES attends the 8th. China museum expo

The 8th.MPT-EXPO-the“China Museums and Relevant Products and Technologies Exposition”, the most important museum industry expo in China, to be organized by the Chinese government, is held in Fuzhou, China from November 23 to 26, 2018. WANGDA SHOWCASES come up with latest designs of museum display cases.


Armagh County Museum,UK

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the museum display cases contract for Armagh County Museum in UK. 

The Armagh County Museum is a museum in Armagh, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Located on the edge of the tree-lined Mall in the centre of Armagh city, the museum is the oldest County Museum in Ireland, officially opened in 1937.Many of the megalithic sites in South Armagh were subject to excavations undertaken during the 1930s and 40s. As a consequence the museum acquired a lot of the excavation material from sites such as Clontygora and Annaghmare. This material is supplemented by objects from the private collections of the Philosophical Society.

618 Meters Long! The Worldwide Longest Monomer Museum Display Case by Wangda Showcases

As the exhibition setting is finished, the priceless treasure of Tibetan Culture Heritage-the worldwide longest colored painting scroll which is of 618 meters long, 2.5 meters high and over 1,000 kilograms will be open to the public soon. To well protect and perfectly showcase such a world class heritage,Wangda Showcases customized the world-wide longest and largest single museum display case as per all the international criteria for museum grade display cases