Extendable Museum Tabletop Display Cases

Extendable tabletop display cases are able to be combined to limitless length for longer exhibits or telling a history line by a group of related museum objects.


Numbers of tabletop museum display cases|showcases|display cabinets|vitrines are able to be seamlessly connected together to be extendable to limitless length.Tabletop display cases comes with a full-vision 5 glass sides hood to be secured to table style of plinth.Frameless glass hood with all clear glazed panes to provide a transparent,fully-viewed and protective display space.The simplicity style of tabletop display case is applicable to the exhibition of small,flat,narrow and long artifacts such as documents,coins,medals,manuscript,calligraphy and so on.

  • Glass hood to be built into or onto the plinth in table style design,with display case sizes customized.
  • Usually 5 glass sides of glass front/back/left/right/top for glass hood, or glass front/left/right/top but solid back, or sometimes glass top only.Non-glazed panes to be built by structural steel and structural ZF-MDF panels with fabric-wrapped dressing panels for interior dressing.In compliance with EN356-P4A, the glass are laminated with 4 layers high intensity PVB film interlayers between 2 glass panels.Low-iron ultra clear glass or imported anti-reflective glass with reflectivity less than 1% and light transmittance more than 97%.High fabrication precision and polished glass edge.Glass panes are frame-lessly bonded by clear neutral UV sealants.
  • Plinth to be built by low carbon square structural steel seamless zero-oxygen welding,with folded steel cladded externally.Enclosed plinth or cheek-plated plinth.
  • Environment-friendly and inert materials with no VOCs released for non-hazardous internal display space.
  • Dust-free and air-tight construction structure, with air exchange rate not more than 0.1 per 24 hours
  • Durable,waterproof,rustproof,anti-fire and eco-friendly epoxy resin powder coating for the surface of all metal parts.Bauman Creation fabric from Switzerland for interior dressing, mechanical securing
  • External illumination or dimmable and protective lighting system such as LED light bar, LED light stalks or Fiber Optic light bar.
  • Usually hinged glass hood with hydraulic struts support from sides or lift-up opening system.Motor-driven and wireless remote-control system for options.
  • Lockable enclosed plinth for lockable facility box for silicon gel tray for passively-controlled RH 40%-60%, or electronic microclimate system for actively-controlled humidity 20%-80% and air purifying.
  • Abloy locks from Sweden,registered key system, key exchange rate at 13000000000