Museum grade materials for Museum grade display cases

Only environment-friendly and inert materials will be selected for building museum grade display cases,showcases,display cabinets,vitrines.

Generally most of museum objects are very sensitive and fragile to chemical pollutants so it is much necessary to build a conservational display space for museum objects in order to prevent museum objects from being damaged.The first important in terms of technology for museum grade display cases is to ensure the display space of display cases not contains any corrosive chemical elements or pollutants.For museum objects with particularly sensitive features,activated charcoal cloth and other pollutant scavengers need to be applied in order to remove any detrimental Volatile Organic Compounds-VOCs from the surroundings or off-gassing from materials.

To ensure no any air pollutants,we only select ZF-MDF(zero formaldehyde MDF) panels for internal structural panels and/or dressing panels.When dress internal ZF-MDF dressing panels, we only choose fabric with Oddy test passed, like Bauman Creation fabric,after sealing treatment on the surface of ZF-MDF panels.Alternatively we will apply powder-coated steel dressing panels to completely eradicate every possible chemical pollutants.All the steel and aluminum extrusion parts will be treated with environment-friendly powder-coating technology to keep inert so as to ensure all the metal materials to be far from any possible chemical reaction.