Pan Yuliang’s Art Exhibition at Anhui Museum

WAGNDA SHOWCASES delivered and handed over the specially customized high-end museum display cases/showcases to AnHui Museum to safeguard the Exhibition of Priceless Artworks by Ms. Pan Yuliang.

Established in 1956, Anhui Museum is a grade-one national museum, a 4A tourist spot, a national patriotism education base and a provincial civilized unit of “Three Excellencies”. It boasts a collection of 200,000 pieces of cultural relics, with distinct local features. Representative of them are the bronze wares of the Xia and Shang dynasties, the four treasures of the study, Xin’an paintings and works of calligraphy, the ancient Huizhou documents, the three types of carvings of Huizhou and Pan Yuliang’s works of art. “The Huizhou ancient Architecture Exhibition” ranks among “the National Top Ten Exhibitions of Treasures.”

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