President Xi visited Chinese Academy of History

On 02nd June,2003, President Xi of PRC paid a field survey to Chinese Academy of History and had a full view on all the valuable historical artifacts symbolizing great history and development of China. All the high-end museum grade display cases were customized and installed by WANGDA SHOWCASES at the end of 2019.

The Chinese Academy of History is a national historical research institution affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It was established in Beijing on January 3, 2019 and its main responsibilities are to coordinate and guide the national historical research work, integrate resources and strength to formulate a new era Chinese history research plan, and organize the implementation of major academic projects of national history. Since its establishment, the Chinese Academy of History has organized and carried out a series of national level major scientific research projects and academic projects, achieving a number of high-quality results that are worthy of recognition.

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