SUZHOU MUSEUM WEST equipped with museum showcases by WANGDA SHOWCASES will open to the public the end of September

On September 25, the Suzhou Museum West opened the visitors’ stress test. The museum will open to the public for trial exhibition from September 29. The Suzhou Museum West is located located at the foot of lion mountain in Suzhou, with a construction area of 48365 square meters and an exhibition area of 13391 square meters. WANGDA SHOWCASES customized all the high-security and high-conservation museum grade showcases with non-reflective glass for all the galleries for this museum.

Five exhibitions will be opened to the public at the same time, i.e. “pure Jiangnan: historical exhibition of SuZhou”, “technical memory of Suzhou: Suzhou Craftmanship Hall”, “ancient Rome: City and Empire”, “calligraphy and painting in Suzhou: exhibition of calligraphy and painting collection” and “special exhibition of Modern Art:  known and unknown intertextuality”. The “international cooperation Museum” on the second floor will exhibit 267 sets of ancient Roman artifacts from the British Museum. This is the first time that this series of exhibition themed ancient Roman will be intensively displayed in Asia.

As an important part of Suzhou Museum, the Suzhou Museum West aims to not only present the culture and history of Suzhou as well as inherits the culture of Jiangnan, but also introduce well-known museum exhibitions at home and abroad, trying to present a new picture of the pluralistic integration between general history of the world and the Chinese civilization.

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