WANGDA SHOWCASES won the museum showcase tender of Avalokitesvara Altar

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the first phase of showcase package for Avalokitesvara Altar and will provide it with world-leading high-end museum showcases in compliance with the first-class technical standards of the international museum showcase industry.

The construction of Avalokitesvara Altar started  in August 2015, and it has been completed and commissioned after four years. It covers an area of ​​about 380 acres and the building is styled with  “one master and two slaves” , with a height of 91.9 meters and a total building area 61900 square meters. The architectural design of the main building of Avalokitesvara Altar adheres to the design concept of “the altar just means Avalokitesvara”. The style combines traditional Chinese pavilion characteristics with modern high-rise building technology, integrates the great achievements of contemporary Buddhist art, and organically absorbs modern architectural elements. It is an architectural landmark and cultural landmark of the Avalokitesvara Cultural Park. The Avalokitesvara Altar is divided into nine layers according to its function, which fully demonstrates the spiritual connotation and times value of Avalokitesvara belief and Avalokitesvara culture to the believers.

The Avalokitesvara Altar is the only Buddhist building in the world to use the prototype of Buddhist statues as the architectural form and image. It is the the largest Buddhist building with dome in the world. It integrates religion, art, attending school, sightseeing, and promoting the law. It leads the trend of contemporary Buddhism and is compatible.