WANGDA SHOWCASES is awarded with the museum display case contract for exhibition center of PLA Hong Kong Garrison

WANGDA SHOWCASES is honored to be officially awarded with the museum display case contract for Exhibition Center of PLA Hong Kong Garrison in Hong Kong. As the first large-scale public building newly built by PLA(Chinese People’s Liberation Army)  in Hong Kong since its return to central government of P.R.China, the exhibition center of PLA Hong Kong Garrison will be a normal position to declare sovereignty, an effective base to carry out patriotism education and an important platform for external communication and liaison. The exhibition will reflect the brilliant achievements of national development, military construction and the defense performance of the troops stationed in Hong Kong. It will develop in the sensitive and complex social environment of Hong Kong, furthermore, it will play an important role in displaying the achievements of the national army construction, striving for the return of the people’s will, and promoting social stability. In the overall design, it highlights its function of patriotism and national defense education .

In compliance with the highest international quality and technology standards of museum grade display cases, WANGDA SHOWCASES will custom-build all the high-security and conservation grade museum grade display cases for all the three exhibition halls themed Chinese dream, strong military dream and Xiangjiang guard. The bespoke museum display cases will be equipped with active micro-climate system for keeping constant temperature and humidity within display space.