Wangda Completed Display Cases Installation for Yixing Ceramics Museum

WANGDA completed installation work of museum display cases project for Yixing Ceramics Museum.

As the palace of ceramic art, Yixing Ceramic Museum is located in Dingshu Town. It has an area of 20000 square meters. And the exhibition halls occupy an area of 3000 square meters. It is magnificent and gathers display, research, tourism, shopping, manufacturing, and ceramic art exchange together. Currently, it is the biggest local-level ceramic museum in China. It houses more than ten thousands fine ceramics. These masterpieces which are among the list of Chinese precious historical and cultural heritage, are of great researching and historical importance. They systematically reflect the historical evolution of ceramics in Yixing, China. And the centuries-old culture of ceramic art in Yixing is thoroughly disclosed by the ceramics of different periods from the New Stone Age to today.

The entire museum consists of ten exhibition zones. It has Zisha Institute, Ancient Ceramic Institute, and ten ceramic workrooms. Meanwhile it has 16 exhibition halls, such as Ancient Ceramic Hall, Masterpiece Hall, Zisha Hall, which all showcase their respective charm. The museum has attracted many visitors both from home and abroad since its opening. It has received many honored guests and held plentiful large activities. Apparently, it has become an important medium for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

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