WANGDA SHOWCASES won China South Sea Museum

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the museum display cases project from another National Class museum-China South Sea Museum.This new national museum is built in HaiNan,the southernmost of China, to conserve and display the culture of the South China Sea.This national-class Museum will exhibit evidence of China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea, including genglubu, traditional guidebooks to the sea and islands for fishermen, seafaring technology, and historical relics found in the South China Sea islands.

The museum, will cover 1.5 hectares at Tanmen fishing harbour in Qionghai, on the east coast of the island province, and has a projected building cost of 932 million yuan (US$139 million).Tanmen, a well-known small fishing town whose residents are thought to have been the first to explore and exploit the South China Sea, with the help of genglubu and the compass, was regarded as the perfect site for the museum.The museum will make use of advanced digital and virtual technology including the big-data service.

The museum will have six exhibit sections, on historic cultures that lived by the south China Sea and the plant and animal life of the area, two thematic exhibitions of cultural relics of the Maritime Silk Road collected from seven provinces, and underwater cultural relics from the South China Sea, as well as cultural relics from overseas.

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