WANGDA showcases won the display case contract from Linyi Museum

After fierce,fair and transpaprent competition,WANGDA showcases finally won the official contract from Linyi City Museum and will design,supply and intall museum quality display cases for all the galleries for Linyi City Museum.

Linyi City Museum, located on Blue Hill Road, the old Confucius Temple, is a comprehensive geological museum. Linyi has a long history, culture and long history, 1-2 million years ago in the Neolithic period, in this land of our ancestors had thrived on the creation of civilization. Wide range of items have been identified so far within the unit are more than 700, all share the 10080 pieces of cultural relics, among which 314 national heritage, a collection of stone ax, shovel jade, shell black pottery, high hollow handle cup white pottery double layer of the mouth, bronze, gold engraving jade clothes, etc. 27. In addition, there are 5,000 years of Longshan Culture jade, stone, bone, horn, pottery, there are 5000-7000 years ago Dawenkou stone, bone, pottery, 7,000 years ago, North Xin culture plate and the grinding stone, a 12 million years ago, cattle, horse teeth, there are 600 million years ago, trilobites and other fossils. Which eggshell pottery, gold engraving jade clothing and other artifacts and has been transferred to the National Heritage Board display in Japan and other countries.

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