WANGDA SHOWCASES for Customized Museum Display Case|Museum Showcases|Museum Display Cabinets|Vitrines

WANGDA SHOWCASES is professional to supply turnkey museum display solution design for museum exhibition and protection. From concept step, exhibition design and display showcase design, as well as the museum showcase manufacturing,supply, on-site installation and also after-sales maintenance, WANGDA SHOWCASES always works tightly with clients so this ensures the final display solutions completely meet the original design without compromise.


As the manufacturer of museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets/vitrines, the core system of museum display solutions, WANGDA SHOWCASES not only produces high-standard museum display cases with same precision, quality and technology equal to traditional European museum display case suppliers but also supply museums with unparalleled budget advantage under the support of modernized streamline production lines consisting of CNC machines, laser devices and smart production facilities as well as well enterprise management and project management.High quality, reliable performance, well protection, perfect conservation, punctual delivery, professional installation, free warranty and worry-free maintenance are the grand commitments from WANGDA SHOWCASES for all the museums in the world. WANGDA SHOWCASES will always take it as its glory and ambition to make contribution to the protection and inheritance of history heritage and art heritage by supplying museums with high standard museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets/vitrines at competitive and affordable budget.