Stable Structure for Museum Grade Display Cases

For museum grade display cases,stability from the structure gets very necessary for protecting museum objects,visitors and/or museum curators when unconscious or purposed vibration come up,especially when earthquake takes place.

At the very beginning,the design of museum grade display cases will take the stability into account,The robust skeleton of museum grade display cases from WANGDA SHOWCASES come with scientific anti-vibration design and is seamlessly welded with customized special rectangular and square steel not less than 3mm thick,furthermore,display cases lacking of sufficient stability due to the limit of design and structure will be installed with weight increaser at the showcase bottom and/or mounted to floor and/or wall to acquire enough support from solid floor and/or wall,thereby the museum display cases from us can withstand any unintended or intended knock even stand vibration caused by earthquake.

Usually the minimal load bearing from lower steel plinth of freestanding museum display cases and tabletop display cases is not less than 125 kg/m² but for larger wall display cases or some special display cases,the load bearing of skeleton can reach no less than 2000 kgs and any preferred load bearing can be customized specially.

In order to well protect museum display cases and internal exhibits from being damaged by unexpected possible seismic shocks, museum display cases can be secured to the floor to enhance the stability.For some museums located at the area with frequent earthquake,seismic isolation system can be installed at the bottom of plinth or underneath the baseboard.