Display cases supplied by Wangda Showcases are museum grade and custom-made, with outstanding performance in terms of authentic and theatrical presentation,anti-bandit and highest security, original-ecology and non-hazardous conservation. The designed lifespan of museum showcases from Wangda Showcases is not less than 50 years.The designed opening system is able to work well with a usage cycle of 2,000,000 applications.

Extraordinary well-constructed,robust, safe,secure, easy to use and low maintenance, museum grade display cases from Wangda Showcases are all made from inert and eco-friendly materials.All the display cases are able to create a stable,non-hazardous,secure mini environment and well airtight-ness to prevent dust,pollutants, pests and heat in external atmosphere from entering into internal display space. The glass raw material for museum showcases are ultra clear with low iron content for high light transmittance with no distortion.The glass for building museum grade showcases are laminated by two layers glass panels with single thickness 4~6 mm thick each and 4 layers of high intensity PVB interlayer with performance to filter UV,IR and heat.The glass edges will be cut and polished at 45 degrees for mitre bonding.All the display cases are able to accommodate both 2D and 3D museum objects in a wide range of sizes,shapes and weights.All the museum showcases are able to provide accessible opening with easy operation by one person only without bringing vibration.All the lighting from internal illumination system for museum showcases will be pretreated to filter UV,IR and heat before entry into display space so as to prevent any possible damage by lighting.

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