Protective Lighting System to be customized for Museum Showcases

Appropriate and personalized lighting system is customized for custom museum grade display cases.Qualified and right lighting system will create successful exhibitions meanwhile protect exhibited museum objects from being damaged but unqualified or improper lighting system will result in poor presentation and bring damage to exhibits.Dimmable illuminance,combination of spot lighting and area lighting, variation of lighting end fittings create a diversified and theatrictized visual effect to help represent the true ancient stories to visitors.



For museum exhibition, the displayed exhibits will always be the attention focus in stead of lighting fixtures so internal lighting system for museum grade display cases shall be of no visual disturbance so as to ensure visitors to effectively obtain sufficient information from the exhibited objects.The unique advantage of fiber optic lighting system is able to install the light projector discretely from internal display space,thus it's workable to hide lighting fixtures from vision meanwhile no heat accumulation come up into internal display space.

Fibre optic bundle is able to distribute the light out of a light projector to many fine points to supply detailed lighting for individual objects, and fibre optics lighting system can also provide more general  lighting through the use of bars with multiple points so fiber optic lighting systems can help to treat each individual museum display case as a miniature theatre platform, the displayed objects as the cast of characters, the display material and text as the stage set by highlighting one or two objects to create the focus of the story and lighting other objects to provide additional supporting information.Consequently, fiber optic lighting systems are able to help to tell some entire stories or story timeline.

Technical Specifications

End lit polymer fibre comes in two configurations - single sheathed or unsheathed strands of 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm or 2mm diameter fibre, or as multiple sheathed strands of 0.75mm fibre.Single strands of fibre give starry points of light and normally require no termination,whilst multi-stranded varieties are normally terminated with a ferrule to allow the attachment of an end fitting.Larger diameters are available on request with soft silicone at the ends of the tails for use when articulated fittings are used in a tight space for the fibre bend radius.






Articulated and fixed lens downlights. Articulated fittings that can be angled to a greater or lesser extent from the vertical position and fixed downlights which shine light in a straight line.Available in a number of shapes and sizes.

Fittings with an airtight seal.A range of articulated fittings with an airtight seal.Highly suitable for use in museum and display cases where a hermetic seal is desirable.Decorative lenses for small and large fibre to give sharp points of light.For unsheathed fibre and sheathed fibre with ferrules.


LED lighting devices bring creational aesthetics and offer solutions of energy saving, longevity and less maintenance.The optical performances of LED lighting fixtures are perfectly tuned to immensely create visual impulse and stimulate the enjoying desire.

The slim LED linear light bar is a solid state lighting device for use in museum display showcases.The multiple light points along the LED Light bar produce shadow free dazzling lighting to give a sparkle maximizing to the objects on display.In addition, the LED Lightbar features bright, wide-angle LEDs to provide powerful high quality illumination.Because of its unique design,LED light bar dissipates heat from the LEDs providing effective thermal management and long lifetime.


A recessed, dimmable downlight with fixed beam angle for indoor application. For ambient lighting, accent lighting, decorative effects, wall-washing. For showcases, niches, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted. For surface lighting, object illumination. Uncompromising light quality based on exceptional LED technology. Smooth control of light distribution. Easy to integrate. Intuitive for professionals and end users alike. Reflectors can be changed any time to meet new lighting requirements. Reflectors can be changed easily during normal operations.