Intelligentized wireless remote control system can be customized for museum display cases/museum showcases/museum display cabinets/vitrines from Wangda Showcases to realize wireless control for the display cases opening,shelving system movement,lighting switching on/off and dimming,monitoring and adjusting mini climate within display spaces via wireless terminal such as Ipad or mobile phone.The intelligentized system is able to convey micro climate datas through WLAN to a central computer unit for being real-timely monitored and controlled from central control system.The system can conveniently realize differentiated lighting affect,mini climate values etc.for different exhibits and museum display cases.

This intelligentized system can be incorporated with the “internet of things” system. In virtue of the latest “internet of things” technology,museum display cases will work as the hub of “internet of things” network of museum galleries to visually and acoustically represent true past stories in original and authentic scene.The “internet of things” helps museum display cases to realize all-round wireless operation and monitoring,not only will not weaken the security but also make things much easier.