What’s the business philosophy from Wangda Showcases?

"The benefits of clients to be always put in the first place" and "what clients concern is just what we concern" is the business philosophy of WANGDA SHOWCASES so we have always aimed at firstly bringing all museums trustworthy and world-class quality,technology and service when we are honored to be awarded with opportunity to design,manufacture,supply and install custom museum grade display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for our clients.

Taking qualified and reliable supply as the prerequisite,we strive to offer our clients with the lowest budget among the global manufacturers for high-standard museum grade display cases.It's never the business principle of us to despoil excessive profit from any museum display cases project or even despicably benefit from unqualified supply as we always seriously regard it as a grand commitment and a great honor to make our due contribution to the protection and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage by supplying museums with the highest standard museum display cases/showcases/cabinets/vitrines at the lowest cost. .

For museum grade display cases, WANGDA SHOWCASES always thinks Quality=Design+Technology+Fabrication+Install+Service, none is indispensable.
What's the best museum grade display cases for optimized display solution? WANGDA SOWCASES always thinks it=best quality+best price.

How can WANGDA SHOWCASES to realize both best quality and best price? It comes from the best teams,the advanced production lines and the best management.

At every step during the preparation and implementation of museum display cases project,from concept improvement,display design,display cases design, display cases manufacture,on-site installation and after-delivery service,the professional teams with a sense of strong responsibility from WANGDA SHOWCASES always work closely with the clients to propose the right solutions to optimize every details.

All the time,WANGDA SHOWCASES just implants the latest museum grade display case ideology and technology into the design and fabrication of museum grade display cases.WANGDA SHOWCASES never stagnates in terms of technology innovation and creation,thus the display cases supply from WANGDA SHOWCASES is ensured to being cutting-edge in stead of outdated.

Equipped with streamline production lines consisting of a variety of advanced fabrication facilities like CNC machines,laser machines,smart arms,the fabrication precision of museum display cases from WANGDA SHOWCASES is completely guaranteed,as a consequence,the defect rate is considerably lowered down to the minimal,accordingly the unit cost at each fabrication step is able to be squeezed down.

Without outward processing steps by other subcontractors or even sub-subcontractors,among worldwide suppliers of museum grade display cases,WANGDA SHOWCASES is one of the few with complete and advanced production chains at own factory.From steel and aluminum parts,glass panes and bonding,surface treatment on metal parts,interior dressing panel,opening system,micro-climate control system,lighting system to display cases assembly, WANGDA SHOWCASES just makes each part at the own workshops under whole-process monitoring as well as strict quality control and effective management.Due to no intermediary subcontractor or even sub-subcontractor like other competitors,not only the production quality from WANGDA SHOWCASES is fully ensured but also the unit cost come to very competitive side.

Professional and experienced installation teams from WANGDA SHOWCASES will be quick to appear at the project site to execute the on-site installation tasks in compliance with the original design of museum display layout and museum display cases,with no any compromise.After the completion of the installation, the installation teams will actively carry on installation quality check and display cases test to ensure no defect from possible improper installation.

To erase any worry from museums on the supply from WANGDA SHOWCASES,free warranty with 24 hours response is always available for every museum display cases project,wherever it is.