How to Have Right Museum Display Case for Right Museum Exhibits?

An optimized display design solutions is the core for a museum to realize both perfect museum exhibition and well protection for the collected valuable museum objects.Museum display cases always play a leading role in the whole museum exhibition so the core for an optimized display solution is how to have right museum display case design for right museum objects.Aiming at providing optimized display solutions for museums,Wangda Showcases is such a supplier to customize right museum display cases with right budget for right museum exhibits.For general guidance,following 6 “What” and the answers will make museums have essential ideas about the preferred design for right museum display cases.

  • What exhibits- A museum display case is applicable to any different exhibit? Wrong! The design of museum display cases is customized and personalized according to accurate exhibits with different dimensions,different material and different features.
  • What structure-Frameless structure or framed structure? Not weaken safety and security but frame-less structure brings no sight obstruction for undistorted reveal so customized frameless and all-glass display cases are trending to replace outdated framed display cases with mullions.
  • What protection-Only physical protection or both physical and chemical protection? More and more museums prefer to have both protection so it's required museum display cases should be not only physically anti-bandit but also be far from being damaged by any pollutant or any chemical reaction.Under this condition,the air-tightness with minimal air exchange rate less than 0.1/24H and customized micro-climate system for right humidity and temperature gets more and more important.
  • What material-Acrylic for display space+wood structure or safety glass+metal structure? For museum grade display cases,anti-bandit glass or sometimes anti-reflective safety glass and metal structure including steel skeleton and glass-receiving aluminum profile is specially customized to build a safe display volume and robust structure support.To have a purified internal display volume,it's not that all the materials in the market can be selected to build museum grade display cases,and all the materials especially the materials that will be exposed to exhibits need to be completely inert and/or friendly-environment.
  • What illumination-Traditional lighting system or protective lighting system? Traditional lighting system like halogen lamp or fluorescent light will bring irreversible damage to exhibits,especially light-sensitive exhibits but customized lighting system with IR/UV/heat isolation system and/or with discrete light projector or cold light source will eradicate light damage on exhibits.
  • What opening-A same opening system can work well for different display cases? No! Hinged opening,pull & slide opening or lift-up opening ? Manual opening,motor-driven opening or remote wireless opening? A right opening system is specially customized on the basis of customized structure of display cases,and also for convenient exhibition's setting up and for the safety of museum operator.

What’s the steps to realize the original design?

The general steps to realize the original museum exhibition design

General Concept Step

Concept Completion

Layout Design

Showcase Design

Prototype Building and Approval

Mass Production

On-site Installation

Inspection on Finished Showcases

Exhibition Setting