Glass-TOP Museum Freestanding Display Cases

Museum freestanding display cases with glass top for discrete and focused exhibition and protection of museum objects


To stand on the floor independently,glass-top museum freestanding display cases|showcases|display cabinets|vitrines with 4 glass sides and glass top for full vision exhibition.Full-view clear display space constructed by 5 glass sides to be secured to lower steel plinth to acquire robust support.External lighting can be effectively applied for illuminating display space.Freestanding display case with top light chamber is ideal to showcase artifacts from 4 or even 5 directions, being applicable to the exhibition of small,medium and also larger artifacts.

  • Display cases with 5 glass sides stand alone on the floor with no additional support,with showcase sizes to be customized.
  • Usually 5 glass sides of glass front/back/left/right/top for all-direction exhibition with no any vision obstruction.
  • Low-iron ultra clear glass or imported anti-reflective glass with reflectivity less than 1% and light transmittance more than 97%.High glass fabrication precision and polished glass edge. Glass panes are frame-lessly bonded by clear neutral UV sealants from Europe and to be cured with dedicated UV curing devices.
  • Plinth to be built by low carbon square structural steel, seamless zero-oxygen welding,with folded steel panel cladded externally.
  • Environment-friendly and inert materials with no VOCs released for non-hazardous internal display space.
  • Dust-free and air-tight construction structure, with air exchange rate not more than 0.1 per 24 hours
  • Durable,waterproof,rustproof,anti-fire and eco-friendly epoxy resin powder coating for the surface of all metal parts.Bauman Creation fabric from Switzerland for interior dressing, mechanical securing
  • External lighting system or dimmable LED/Fiber optic light stalks at corners
  • 90° hinged opening or pull & slide opening or lift-up opening for access into display space. Motor-driven and wireless remote-control system for options.
  • Lockable enclosed lower plinth for lockable facility box for silicon gel tray for passively-controlled RH 40%-60%, or electronic microclimate system for actively-controlled humidity 20%-80% and air purifying.
  • Suspension rod shelving system with height-adjustable glass shelves for flexible exhibition.
  • Abloy locks from Sweden,registered key system, key exchange rate at 13000000000