Museum Display Cases Installation for Confucius Museum in Nishan Holy Land

WANGDA SHOWCASES finished museum display cases installation for Confucius Museum in Nishan Holy Land,the hometown of Confucius,a great and influential ancient ideologist and philosopher in China.During the long term existence of Confucius thoughts over two thousands of years, around 700,000 cultural relics were left.


Museum Showcases Tender for Confucius Museum,Nishan Holy Land

Wangda Showcases won the project of high-end customized museum display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for Confucius Museum at the hometown of Confucius,an extraordinary philosopher and ideologist with ethical and philosophical influence on most of Chinese for over 2,500 years.In the world,there are lots of Confucius institutes but the Confucius museum is the first professional museum for all the valuable collections relevant to Confucius in the world.As one of leading members of Nishan Holy Land project,a world-class cultural tourism destination with overall investment at CNY10 billion(US$1.5 billion), the Confucius museum is aiming at protecting and inheriting the priceless Confucius culture heritage.