WANGDA SHOWCASES is awarded with museum showcase contract for National Museum of Nigeria

WANGDA SHOWCASES is awarded with the contract of museum showcase project for National Museum of Nigeria, to design and supply high-end, high-security and high-conservation grade museum showcases and storeroom storage cabinets for National Museum located in Benin, Nigeria. The museum has a significant number of artifacts related to the Benin Empire such as terracotta, bronze figures and cast iron pieces. It also has ancient art related to the early times.The museum’s collection is not just confined to the Benin Empire. It’s also home to treasures from surrounding ancient city-states, making it one of the richest national museums in Nigeria in terms of historical breadth. As it stands, the museum is at the forefront of the fight for the return of thousands of artifacts taken from the city over a century ago by the British government.

This prestigious museum was established in 1973 and since then, it has served as a custodian of Nigeria’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

National Museum of Brunei Carries on Acceptance Inspection for Museum Showcases from WANGDA SHOWCASES

Early Feburary in 2024, National Museum of Brunei(Muzium Brunei) carries on acceptance inspection for 82 no.s of conservation grade museum showcases that are customized by WANGDA SHOWCASES.

WANGDA SHOWCASES was awarded with the display case contract for National Museum of Kenya

WANGDA SHOWCASES was awarded with the official contract of museum grade display cases for National Museum of Kenya. WANGDA SHOWCASES is now customizing high-conservation and high-security museum grade showcases(including 5 curved display cases with quite long length) for all the 7 galleries for this influential National Museum in Africa. Two-stage safety system is applied for all the display cases for this important project.