Online museum exhibition: Hunanese-Exhibition of Hunan History and Culture

Online museum exhibition: Hunanese-Exhibition of Hunan History and Culture, with all the museum grade display cases to be customized by Wangda Showcases

Chapter 1: Hometown

Chapter 2:Where I come from

Chapter 3: A land flowing with milk and honey around Dongting Lake

Chapter 4:The footprint of life

Chapter 5:Soul of Hunan

Tender Winning:Pingliang Municipal Museum

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the first tender block of museum display cases project for Pingliang Museum,the largest comprehensive historical and cultural museum in Gansu Province and is awarded with the contract totaled US$ 1.69 million to customize museum grade display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for this museum.The museum covers an area of 40,000 square meters and there are more than 10,000 artefacts collection specimens with 835 national-class treasures.The museum is of a rich database for the local history,national culture and folk folk culture of northwest of Chinese.Among the collections, the bronze wares from Shang and Zhou ,the statues from Northern Dynasty , the porcelain from Song Dynasty, the shadow puppetry and other collections are highly valuable for studying the local science,history and art.The Museum is located in the ruin of the Yan’en Temple of forbidden city of Han Emperor Minghuang.It now becomes a beautiful cultural landscape in the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road.

Wangda Showcases Won Museum Display Cases Project for Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum display cases project for Diaoyutai State Guesthouse,to design,supply and install all the highest-standard museum grade display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for such a high-standard state guesthouse in China to host grand reception for state leaders from foreign countries.Here the state leaders of P.R.China already received and had the official meeting with over 1300 foreign state leaders,such as Russian President Vladimir Putin,Prime Minister Theresa May,German chancellor Angela Merkel,President Emmanuel Macron of France,Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte,US President Barack Obama and so on.

The guesthouse is located in Beijing’s Haidian District, to the west of Sanlihe Road and to the east of Yuyuantan Park.Ancient Diaoyutai (literal translation: Fishing Pavilion) royal retreat, one of the famous historic gardens in the western suburbs of Beijing, is named after Emperor Zhangzong (1168 AD-1208 AD) of the Jin Dynasty built a pavilion for fishing here some 800 years ago.

Consisting of a number of buildings,houses and gardens, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (simplified Chinese钓鱼台宾馆traditional Chinese釣魚台賓館pinyinDiàoyútái Guó Bīnguǎn) is a historic hotel and guesthouse complex in BeijingChina. The hotel complex is mentioned as one of the Ten Great Buildings, a list of landmarks constructed in 1959 for the 10th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.Now Diaoyutai State Guesthouse already becomes the first place for state leaders of P.R.China to hold important foreign affair activities and to have the highest level reception to welcome state leaders from other countries.


Wangda Showcases is newly equipped with full-automatic,dust-free powder coating production line

In order to perfect the surface finish of museum display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines and completely eradicate any possible powder coating flaw on the metal surface of museum display cases,WANGDA SHOWCASES is newly equipped with streamlined full-automatic and dust-free powder coating production lines.Such a new automatic powder coating production line not only considerably improves the powder coating level and increases the working efficiency but also releases the people from the health risk under manual powder coating procedure.


National Maritime Museum Began Trial Opening

From 01st.May to 05th.May 2019,National Maritime Museum of China,the sole national-class maritime-themed museum began its trial opening.With overall budget at three billion yuan (446.6 million U.S. dollars), the National Maritime Museum covers 300,000 square meters for 15 exhibition halls, and boast lots of collection of ancient boats, fossils, maps, and rare animals.All the high-standard museum grade display cases for all the galleries were supplied and installed by Wangda Showcases.


WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcase project for Cartier-hosted Fine Art Exhibition

WANGDA SHOWCASES won museum showcases project for Cartier-hosted Fine Art Exhibition.This June,Cartier,the worldwide renowned French jewelry brand will host a special art exhibition at Meridian Gate of Palace Museum,the most influential cultural institution in China.All the high-standard museum display cases are customized by Wangda Showcases.The exhibition themed “Beyond Boundary” will display over 830 pieces exquisite arts including priceless collections from Cartier as well as series of contributed work of arts from The Metropolitan Museum of Art,The National Gallery of Australia.