Tender Winning:Pingliang Municipal Museum

WANGDA SHOWCASES won the first tender block of museum display cases project for Pingliang Museum,the largest comprehensive historical and cultural museum in Gansu Province and is awarded with the contract totaled US$ 1.69 million to customize museum grade display cases|museum showcases|museum display cabinets|vitrines for this museum.The museum covers an area of 40,000 square meters and there are more than 10,000 artefacts collection specimens with 835 national-class treasures.The museum is of a rich database for the local history,national culture and folk folk culture of northwest of Chinese.Among the collections, the bronze wares from Shang and Zhou ,the statues from Northern Dynasty , the porcelain from Song Dynasty, the shadow puppetry and other collections are highly valuable for studying the local science,history and art.The Museum is located in the ruin of the Yan’en Temple of forbidden city of Han Emperor Minghuang.It now becomes a beautiful cultural landscape in the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road.